The spiritual music was a part of this year’s Exit festival on “Pahanama and World Chill – Iin” stage. This stage was unusual, besause it had a very creative stage design with Buda statue in the middle, relax burning sticks, curtain on the floor of the stage, gongs and big carpet with pillows in front of the stage, and lazy bags as well.

This stage had a lot of interesting artists, but on the second day of festival, young artist Andrea Tosi (34) i Lenzini Ilaria (29) from Italy had their performance and stole our attention.

I couldn’t not noticed that both of you are so young, but yet you are so spiritual, and when we think about Italy we think about different kind of expression of music, so my question is when did you find this spiritual music for yourselves?

Andrea Tosi: “I found this way of making music when I was 20 years old when I was starting with meditations. I played music since I was twelve when I started to play piano and after that when I started doing meditation, this two (music and spirituality) connected together, and then I started to make music this way and that how it became my life, and our work.”

And for you Ilaria?

Lenzini Ilaria: “I started with reiki meditation 7 years ago and with yoga, and after that I started with music. When I met Andrea, music became a part of my life. I am a dancer, and I danced since I was a kid and I liked to sing with my mom, but that was a very different kind of music, so music has always been a part of my life, but spiritual music has been a part of me for a past three years, so I  discoverd the way to use my voice, but it is a healing voice. We work together, we connect eachother, and through music we bring spirituality and love, and we spreed lights.”

How did you two met?

Lenzini Ilaria: “He was playing on a event one night and I was there with a friend of mine to see him, and after the show we talked to each other and after that we spent 6 months being friends. After 6 months of friendship we started our life together and then music become my life as well.”

So you are a life partners and a business partners in the same time, right? I have to say that’s a smart choice because you are traveling together, so one of you can not be mad to another because the only one of you is traveling.

Ilaria: “Yes, that’s true. I didn’t think it that way.”-she said it through laugh.

When you are on stage, you look so pleasant, how you keep such an espression?

Ilaria: “Our project Music AlchimiA was born 3 years ago. As a couple we bring spirituality to people, but I think the key is to do what you love. The sense of gratitude during the perfomanse filled us with light. We show what we are, and we are not different at home from what you have seen on the stage, because this is the way we live. We don’t have any masks. When you play this instruments and you see into people, you cannot have a mask, you have to be nude to show your soul, and not Ilaria and Andrea as persons, but only our souls. We live like that all the time. When we cook at home it’s the same, we try to put our energy in every step, in every moment of our lives.”

Is this your first time in Serbia, in Novi Sad?

Ilaria and Andrea: “Yes.”

Did you have time to go to the centre of Novi Sad, or any other part of the city?

“We saw the City a little bit from the car, and what we saw it’s nice.”


What do you think about Exit festival?

Andrea: “It’s extraordinary. It is very big festival. A friend of ours in Italy, when we said that we are going to Exit festival, he said “Wow, on Exit festival, wonderful, it’s famous all over the Europe!”

This stage exists for three year, and I can tell it for sure that it is a refreashment in a wealthy Exit festival offer of stages. I sincerely hope that this Stage will have in the future as good artists as it had them this year, because diversity among the artists is always good.

Ana Ilić

Photos were provided from a private archive of Andrea and Ilaria

*Story was created within the project “The Most Beautiful Stories of Novi Sad” realized by the Association Remiks, and financed by the Youth Association of the association “Novi Sad Youth Capital of Europe – OPENS 2019”