Every July, for the last nineteen years, Novi Sad becomes a city of tourists. Young people from all over the world are coming to Novi Sad with expectations to have a funny four days full with music, good vibes, and positive energy.

Some of them are visitiors of Novi Sad for a few days before Exit festival, but some of them are just coming for this giant music event.

Novi Sad, for a couple of days, becomes an enormous city of mixed cultures, mixed fashion styles, mixed point of view, but putting all that in one place just gives us an synergy.

Exit festival is a very good place to meet a lot of people from different countries. Wangxin is a 24 years old girl from China, who came to Serbia on a holiday with her boyfriend. This is a very first time for them to visit Belgrade and Novi Sad, and they will stay in Serbia approximately  twenty days.

“This is my first time in Exit festival and I think that it is very good. Our culture also has a music festival, but I think this is much bigger and more fun.”

Wangxin also said that she likes history in our country, and a community, but she don’t think that Serbian community is similar to Chinese.

“In Serbia people are more free, and they are more free to try new stuff.”

Will you come to Novi Sad on Exit festival again?

“Yes, definatly.”

I noticed that Wangxin wore an outfit with motives of Exit Tribe theme, where she had a fake feather in her hair. She also had a glitter makeup, and a big smile, so from my point of view, she pretty much fit in this kind of envourement.

*Story was created within the project “The Most Beautiful Stories of Novi Sad” realized by the Association Remiks, and financed by the Youth Association of the association “Novi Sad Youth Capital of Europe – OPENS 2019”