In May last year, Mihajlo Blagojević decided to come back to Novi Sad after a two-year-long break that followed the end of his master’s studies. The first time, he came to the city because he wanted to get a good education, but now he’s here because of everything else Novi Sad has to offer. An indicator of how well he’s promoting the city is the number of his friends that now want to move here too.

He was born in 1992 in Bor. He graduated from the Faculty of Technical Sciences, but his current work is in animation and motion graphic design, which frees him from any ties he’d usually have to an employer: The sole fact that my job isn’t tied to a location is proof that being here is my choice. Also, despite Novi Sad officially being the European Capital of Culture of just 2021, I think it holds that title every year.

He claims that this is the best city to live in Serbia, and probably the prettiest, too – it’s big and bursting with energy, but it’s never overwhelming in either. There are rarely any crowds and traffic jams that we waste so much of our lives on.

Novi Sad is like a magnet for young people, as well as those who want to start a family, Mihajlo explains, adding that a lot of the anecdotes he’s experienced in his youth happened in this very place. He remembers his student days with a smile on his face, and will continue to do so for the rest of his life.

Translation: Mina Milošević

* The story was created within the project “The most beautiful stories about Novi Sad”, which is realized by the Remix Association, which is financed by Omladinski savez udruženja „Novi Sad omladinska prestonica Evrope – OPENS 2019“