Foto: Miloš Spasić

Dmitar Šćekić was born in May of 1993 in Prizren, but he came to Novi Sad from Čačak, the town he grew up in. His first experience in Novi Sad was in 2011 when he went to the ‘Concert of the Year’ event. He decided to move there for college a year later because his sister was already studying there.

He’s a self-proclaimed nomad. He’s traveled far and wide, even to America, but he keeps coming back to Novi Sad, comparing it to Amsterdam: “I think Novi Sad and Amsterdam are like siblings by the number of bicyclists. There are numerous organizations related to bicycling here, too.”

His love for bicycling aside, he’s also a fan of mountaineering. After meeting people who have been doing it for years, he decided to give it a shot too, and ended up committing a lot of his time to it. Wishing for Novi Sad to become even prettier and cleaner than it already is, he’s also eager to participate in events that are good for the environment – the most notable one he’s been to, so far, happened on the 15th of September in 2018. He, among many other people, helped clean the Petrovaradin fortress for World Cleanup Day. With friends he met through mountaineering, they managed to clean almost a tonne of garbage.

Another thing he’s passionate about is photography. He’s a member of an unofficial group called ‘Ufotkavanje’: “Ufotkavanje is something important to this city because it captures its essence in the most beautiful way. They cover all kinds of events, from sports to music. OPENS set up an ‘OPENS district’ where I took photos. It was a special experience, especially because I’m a fan of the sports that they played there.”

He likes to spend his free time in pubs such as Puberaj and Lazino tele, but a place he loves, in particular, is the Kej: “Kej is full of all sorts of entertainment – from recreational activities such as running to spending time with your friends and watching movies in the Broad Theatre in the summer.”

Translation: Mina Milošević

* The story was created within the project “The most beautiful stories about Novi Sad”, which is realized by the Remix Association, which is financed by Omladinski savez udruženja „Novi Sad omladinska prestonica Evrope – OPENS 2019“