Born in 1992, Jovana Stanković moved to Novi Sad twenty years later. The reason why Jovana came to our city was to continue her education and enroll in college.

When asked why Novi Sad was her choice, Jovana explains:

“First of all, I chose Novi Sad because of the education and all the training opportunities it offers, as well as because of its many business and cultural contents. Novi Sad definitely holds a special place in my heart. ”

Jovana discovered something in our town that many Novi Sad people do not know about. The hobby she decided on is very unusual and interesting.

“I discovered a Circus in Novi Sad, of which I am a member. I would definitely single Circus as something that did not exist in other places where I lived. I have been practicing circus acrobatics on silk for two years, and all this magical world was revealed to me by Mira Beba Dobrković, a circus artist from Novi Sad, who is also our acrobatics instructor. ”

In addition to the Fort, Kej and beach named Štrand, which are one of the favorite places for everyone to come to Novi Sad, Jovana singled out her favorite venue as Western Hall of of the sports complex Spens, which is their small oasis and circus base.

“Yes, these are definitely places I enjoy spending time with friends and colleague from the Circus. Novi Sad is a pretty interesting city when you meet it with quality people. I would also single out Chinatown, of course Exit festival, Svilara and KC Lab. ”

“I would like to invite all people to come to Spens on January 13 and watch Cabaret Bre, a circus show. Participating in a cabaret last year would be one interesting and new experience for me, my first appearance. When I mention the circus, people generally think of some immature, childish people. However, there are very high quality artists working there, talented people who spend a lot of their time perfecting, practicing and mastering new skills.”

Novi Sad is a city full of various manifestations, a city that has a soul. He hides many secrets, but there are many things that bind all those who live in him to him. Jovana Novi Sad is primarily loved because of the people in it. We also asked her if there was any special event she would remember for a long time.

“There have been various events, I just don’t know what to single out. As for me and my experience, all the most beautiful things about Novi Sad and Novi Sad, which made me love this city. First of all, I love Novi Sad because of the wonderful people I met in it, and I generally think that every city is made up of people who live and work in it. As I have already mentioned, Novi Sad has a special place in my heart. In addition to hobbies and quality free time, I have received a quality education and the opportunity to further advance in my professions. I should also mention the wonderful Vojvodina food and mild mentality of the people, multiculturalism. Novi Sad I would definitely single out from all cities in Serbia.”

Vladislava Milovanović

Photo: private archives

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