Our interviewee’s name is Jovana Eric and she is 23 years old. She came to Novi Sad after graduating from the School of Economics in Cacak. She shared with us what she loves in Novi Sad and what her past experiences are like.

“I came to Novi Sad from Pranjani, the place of good people and the best national drink rakija, when I enrolled in the College of Vocational Studies for the Education of Educators five years ago. I came primarily because my sister was already studying here and somehow it made sense that I would come to live where she was. I did not think that I would stay to live in Novi Sad, but when I finished my studies, I decided to stay anyway because this city has won me over. I love it because it is a city of young people, there are many cultural events in it. Theaters and cinemas are places I like to visit often. On the other hand, I think there are good places to go out too. The choice is very wide, for everyone’s taste some activity can be found.

I also love the people who live in it. In my opinion, the Novi Sad people are very calm. Their temperament is a stark contrast to the people of Belgrade, but also to the people of the region I come from.”

Jovana also revealed that Novi Sad is the most beautiful in the world because one Marko lives there.

“I met my boyfriend here and that is certainly one of the key reasons that has prevailed for me to stay here and work hard as an ant in order to one day achieve good conditions for a happy family.”

She likes to spend her free time on walks at Petrovaradin Fortress, and in summer she is her favorite corner of the deckchair on the Strand because reading beside the Danube is very calming.

“Also, I have to mention the charms of desserts on Danube Street, where I adore vanilla ice cream with blueberry juice as well as a wonderful treat sutlijaš.

The surrounding area has its advantages. Due to its cultural history and importance in literature, Sremski Karlovci should always be mentioned as well as Fruška Gora, which is a true oasis in this plain.

On one occasion I was asked if I declared myself a Novi Sad woman and what I can say is that I am grateful to Novi Sad for opening my door and giving me the opportunity to educate myself, gain various experiences and strengthen myself as a person, but I think it is important that we never forget our roots, where we started from, and for what purpose.”

* The story was created within the project “The most beautiful stories about Novi Sad”, which is realized by the Remix Association, which is financed by Omladinski savez udruženja „Novi Sad omladinska prestonica Evrope – OPENS 2019“